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Many, many thanks to Professor Dr. Suzanne Buchan for taking such an interest in my work and making this happen!

Pervasive animation cover

This new addition to the AFI Film Readers series brings together original scholarship on animation in moving image culture, from classic, experimental, and independent shorts to digital animation and installation. The collection aims to foreground new critical perspectives on animation, connect them to historical and contemporary philosophical and theoretical contexts and production practice, and expand the existing canon. Throughout, contributors offer an interdisciplinary roadmap of new directions in film and animation studies, discussing animation in relationship to aesthetics, ideology, philosophy, historiography, visualization, genealogies, spectatorship, representation, technologies, and material culture.

Copies of Pervasive Animation can be purchased here

Prayer request to the world

For my Mom suffered a major heart attack before Christmas. A few months later she broke both her hip and collarbone in a fall. She is struggling to walk again.

Please pray for her physical recovery and maintaining her feisty, beautiful spirit.

Vector illustration of yellow candle on black background

Green Lilypad Scoop

Dried Lilypad

Lilypad Lush

Lilypad Flower

Shooting from my kayak in Pennsylvania…

Animation talent and pioneer Lotte Reiniger spent the last year of her life in Dettenhausen, where she died and was cremated. Her tombstone is in a corner of the cemetery there with only one other grave close by. Which doesn’t mean she’s alone: Perhaps because of its isolation and large tree and bench next to her she’s visited by quite a few birds hopping around and on her marker, which I think she’d like!


2 Women in Tübingen

2 Women in Tübingen

Where can you find a statue like this? Well, one place is Tübingen, Germany! These two photos were taken in the summer and winter of 2013, respectively. They show the Nymphengruppe (group of nymphs), one of the most famous statues created by Johann Heinrich von Dannecker in 1809. Copies of this statue can be found elsewhere: the Literaturcafé in Tübingen and in Stuttgart.

Photos ©Cathy Joritz

It’s a challenge to find ways of exhibiting flipbooks for gallery display. These two tabletop versions can be exhibited on any elevated surface and need only a pair of thin cotton gloves placed next to them to be complete.

Mein Kühnster Traum marble Flipbook Mein Kühnster Traum white Flipbookhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xZqSp5v3RU

Ha! If wishes could come true…

Ha! If wishes could come true…


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