Lots of females sitting on nests now. Their dedication is amazing. And the devotion of the males is pretty impressive too. Always coming to the rescue of their mates as I stand there with my tripod. Thank goodness, it makes me look like a larger and tougher foe! Or do they understand that I’ve come in peace?

DSC_0084 male goose in light small


I had completely forgotten about this altered animation image from my scratch animation Negative Man, made in honor of – see the face – German experimental film historian Annette Brauerhoch!

Negative Mannette

6 Geese a layin’

If you look closely, you’ll see 3 goose eggs and what I think is one small duck egg (on the left):

DSC_1222 4 eggs - 1 duck egg among them small

Here’s the female checking her eggs:

DSC_1235 goose checking eggs 2 small

And here’s one angry father-to-be:

DSC_1241 male goose mad stretched small

This image shows a male goose flying in to defend his mate, who he thought was being threatened by other geese, who were just a bit too close…

DSC_0252 goose coming in cropped w title small-Recovered

This couple is honking at geese far below them, hoping to stop the pair from climbing up their bank.

DSC_0383 2 geese raised heads small

And finally, a mother goose nips at some dandelions I tossed out for her. Dandelions are a favorite goose food, but this devoted mother would only eat what she could reach without getting up and exposing her eggs.

DSC_0305 Mom duck eating greens better cc small


DSC_0038 bird upright small flatDSC_0039 flying upward small

The top photo shows the female checking her eggs as she softly sits over them…

DSC_0164 Mama goose worried about eggs small

The photo below shows the male, who was quite upset after his mate called for help.. He’s checking the eggs – it looked like he literally counted them!

DSC_0140-dady goose checking eggs small

DSC_0001-2 calf looking to the future small