Geese & ice on Perry Lake

Perry Lake is my favorite place to go to observe birds…DSC_0555 funny wing take off small


You are in Kansas…

DSC_0874 no trespassing Kansas sign small

City of Geese

DSC_0514 swimming & flying crowd shot small

Perry Lake was crowded again as flocks of geese gathered at the largest thawed area.

DSC_0964 on ice & in air as shot small

Geese over Perry Lake

DSC_0282 flying over abstract lake copy

I thought I’d just get a quick nature-walk in before it got dark…and then I heard the geese…and then I found them!

geese, ducks at Perry Lake Jan 7, 2018

Temperatures have been below freezing for several days now…this is the first time I’ve seen Lake Perry begin to freeze. A challenge, taking photos in really cold weather!

Freezing Perry Lake