My Mom DOES NOT HAVE SEVERE DEMENTIA! however the truth doesn’t matter in Will County, IL family court. A general practitioner can proclaim she has severe dementia via a report he does not need to prove nor defend. An APS worker who barely knows my Mom and has no training in neurology, dementia, memory issues with seniors, senior health, etc. can claim in Court and elsewhere that my Mom has severe dementia and the judge, GAL and no one will question her proclamation. In fact, if you dare question any of these person’s conclusions, YOU will be described as the person who is problematic, as happened to me via the GAL report. Dare not question a “professional” no matter how much research you have done and how detrimental that “professional” is to your loved one.

My Mom was “placed” by my 93-year old father in a Memory Care facility with no expert diagnosis and no one checking into her pharmaceuticals to find out if perhaps XANAX or a similar “benzo” or other damaging drug is creating symptoms that mimic dementia. This is traumatic to anyone, let alone a 91-year old woman with no short term memory. This causes PTSD in the elderly, suddenly locked up in a place full of strangers and strange surroundings, forced into a new schedule, forced to remain in an enclosed space not of her choosing and not understanding why she is there, how long will she be ther for, is she being punished, will she remain there until she dies?

Who cares? Not anyone in my family, not anyone in the Will County legal system or family court and certainly not most Illinois lawmakers, who have afforded seniors NO PROTECTION from the abuse of isolation, wrongly declared incapacitated and the obscene use of pharmaceuticals to shut the elderly down.

MY MOM DOES NOT DESERVE THIS CRUEL TREATMENT AND HAVING THIS HAPPEN DURING THE LAST MONTHS OF HER LIFE IS BARBARIC! Please email me if you can help…donations for appeal and lawyer expenses are welcome and can be made via paypal.

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The Guardian ad Litems, the Adult Protective Services, the lawyers, the judges, doctors and at times even the police and state attorney lawyers, collude more often than most know. The motto behind the abuse may be: ISOLATE, MEDICATE & GET THE ESTATE” of any vulnerable elderly person with $$.

In my mom’s case, the first 2 out of 3 have been accomplished already.

My mother is being abused as I write this: Locked away in a facility for persons with advanced dementia, WHERE SHE DOES NOT BELONG BECAUSE SHE IS TOO HIGH FUNCTIONING. Of course, being deprived of sunlight, fresh air, social stimulation and dumbed down through SEDATION, she will appear to everyone as though she has “severe dementia”. Her general practitioner appears to have been extremely willing to damn her to this horrible end-of-life isolation/desperation. Isolated from me, her daughter, whom she is closest to, and isolated from the world. Watch this video and get an idea of how the courts and others abuse our elderly. Without laws to stop it (Illinois has almost nothing to protect the elderly), family members and concerned persons have little recourse to stop the abuse:


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Mary Winter LandscapeI nearly forgot!! How could I??? I have learned so much about Marian imagery since finding, years ago Rebecca’s blog: 12 Days of Mother Love 

This is: Mary, hidden face (original, eh?)

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Was könnte mehr Spass machen als mit ein Haufen Kunstler-Kinder einen Trickfilm zu machen?

What could be more fun than making an animated short with a pile of artsy kids? Thanks to Elena Neustadt, director of the kids’ art studio Kopffuessler for facilitating this great collaborative endeavor!