I did these spec pieces for the Vigil & Thieves’ call for art for their new album “Make Sure They Hear You”. They provided the theme words and instructed to include elephants!

What a great “call for art”!!!


HATE 2 closer small 150dpi smallest


AFTERLIFE 1 soft feet lo res 150 dpi small


AFTERLIFE 2 - blue sky, small 150 dpi




DSC_1019 cropped credit small

Here, shaking its feathers out!


My “Christo Tree”

Circumstances have induced me to create this “Christo Tree” in my backyard!

Christo tree

Lots of females sitting on nests now. Their dedication is amazing. And the devotion of the males is pretty impressive too. Always coming to the rescue of their mates as I stand there with my tripod. Thank goodness, it makes me look like a larger and tougher foe! Or do they understand that I’ve come in peace?

DSC_0084 male goose in light small

I had completely forgotten about this altered animation image from my scratch animation Negative Man, made in honor of – see the face – German experimental film historian Annette Brauerhoch!

Negative Mannette

6 Geese a layin’

If you look closely, you’ll see 3 goose eggs and what I think is one small duck egg (on the left):

DSC_1222 4 eggs - 1 duck egg among them small

Here’s the female checking her eggs:

DSC_1235 goose checking eggs 2 small

And here’s one angry father-to-be:

DSC_1241 male goose mad stretched small

This image shows a male goose flying in to defend his mate, who he thought was being threatened by other geese, who were just a bit too close…

DSC_0252 goose coming in cropped w title small-Recovered

This couple is honking at geese far below them, hoping to stop the pair from climbing up their bank.

DSC_0383 2 geese raised heads small

And finally, a mother goose nips at some dandelions I tossed out for her. Dandelions are a favorite goose food, but this devoted mother would only eat what she could reach without getting up and exposing her eggs.

DSC_0305 Mom duck eating greens better cc small