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Striped Steer



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Mary Winter LandscapeI nearly forgot!! How could I??? I have learned so much about Marian imagery since finding, years ago Rebecca’s blog: 12 Days of Mother Love 

This is: Mary, hidden face (original, eh?)

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Now via this lil’ gal you can purchase cards & other swag from me! Well, soon anyway!

(see the right hand column —————–>)

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I drew the cover illustration and made three digital collages that can be found inside the book. Other invited contributors are experimental filmmakers, journalists, profs and film critics…

http://www.stroemfeld.com/de/buecher_K_717_1/Körper des Kinos tweet

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Was könnte mehr Spass machen als mit ein Haufen Kunstler-Kinder einen Trickfilm zu machen?

What could be more fun than making an animated short with a pile of artsy kids? Thanks to Elena Neustadt, director of the kids’ art studio Kopffuessler for facilitating this great collaborative endeavor!




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Mary in the Garden

Mary in the Garden

Almost forgot about Loving Lupita! I’m so glad to be back with all of you!

This is a “visitation” of sorts…

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My higher ed students did fantastic work this year…here are the best of their finals: Animated Holiday Cards! This is the link to a playlist, so the many holiday messages will follow each other without any prompting on your part. All but one have sound – enjoy!:

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