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Moms are everything front low res small


Postcard_Back Moms are everything small


There are some new calves on the fields – they are so cute and already romping around. But not all of them are happy about being born into the cold!

baby bleating full body

calf bleating from teh front

ivory cow

This photo is a few months old, but I thought it was such a beautiful image…am looking forward to shooting as new calves are born.

ivory cow in ivory landscape

All photos ©Cathy Joritz, all rights reserved

Perry Lake ice

birds on perry lake ice

Geese & ice on Perry Lake

Perry Lake is my favorite place to go to observe birds…DSC_0555 funny wing take off small

You are in Kansas…

DSC_0874 no trespassing Kansas sign small

City of Geese

DSC_0514 swimming & flying crowd shot small

Perry Lake was crowded again as flocks of geese gathered at the largest thawed area.